October 16, 2004


CenCom's successes never make it to the front pages. This one should:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi Police Service officers from the Meghdad Police Department in Kirkuk in Northern Iraq seized seven suspected kidnappers, Tuesday, from a believed hostage house after intercepting two kidnap victims fleeing from four armed men in the city.

Officers moved to the home in the Wahid Huzayray area after questioning the victims and calling for backup. A single individual was detained in the initial search and interrogated, leading officers to a second suspect in the Arafa neighborhood of Kirkuk.

Officers watched over the home and nabbed five additional individuals later returning to the home.

In the operation police also seized five AK-47s with ammunition, one Egyptian grenade, various knives, Iraqi National Guard and U.S. Army desert combat uniforms, multiple currencies and bank checks, and two bottles of Ketamine – a rapid acting disassociative anesthetic similar to phencyclidine (PCP) used to subdue victims.

That last item both confirms that the house was indeed a hostage holding and killing site, and confirms why the beheaded hostages seem so docile at the point of their murders. The terrorists are sedating them in order to control them.

They don't want any more Fabrizio Quattrochis ruining their snuff films.

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That war in Middle Earth..the Battle of Helms Deep...the struggle for the so-called Ring...it's all about oil.

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October 15, 2004


The Truth For Troops website--built and designed by Jason Clarke of Moorelies.com--is up and fully operational. Please stop by and visit, and donate to the cause if you can.

Truth For Troops' mission is very simple: To counter Michael Moore's propaganda where it has hurt the most, which is among the troops on the front lines. To do that, we've already acquired and shipped 5,000 DVDs of the Alan Peterson film FahrenHYPE 9-11 to troops in Iraq. We'd like to acquire 5,000 more as soon as possible and get them shipped over as well. Your donations will make that possible.

While you're at the TfT site, poke around. If you have a site of your own and would like to promote TfT, we have downloadable banners and graphics available for you to that. You can also send off a letter to your friends and family, urging them to help out too.

Please get involved. Michael Moore's enemy propaganda film, Fahrenheit 9-11, will be around to harm troop morale and discipline long after the election. We can't just leave the battlefield of ideas to the likes of America-hating Moore, or he'll win. A win for him is a loss for the troops sacrificing so much to protect you and me.

Truth For Troops is your chance to make a real difference in this war, so please help out.

Support Truth for Troops

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As this blog predicted--because this blogs gets Japanese politics like no other blog can even hope to imitate--the Japanese government takes a dim view of John Kerry's approach to North Korea:

Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Tsutomu Takebe said Friday there will be trouble if Democratic challenger John Kerry beats incumbent George W. Bush in the U.S. presidential election.

Takebe, who is seen as a right-hand man of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, told a Nippon Broadcasting System radio program, referring to the Nov. 2 presidential election, "It would mean trouble if it is not President Bush. Mr. Kerry is trying to address the North Korean problem bilaterally. That is totally out of the question."


The DPJ [an ankle-biting opposition party] said [Prime Minister] Koizumi's expressing support for Bush is an interference in the domestic affairs of the United States.

Koizumi told reporters Thursday, "I don't want to interfere with another country's election but since I'm well-acquainted with President Bush, I want him to carry on."

I prefer Koizumi's more circumspect take on things to Takebe's more blunt approach since they are talking about his preference for the outcome of our election, but nevertheless it's clear that America's closest ally in Asia prefers a Bush win. That is because the Bush administration has actually included Japan in its talks with North Korea, something the Clinton administration failed to do and something the Kerry people promise not to do. It's a kind of unilateralism for me but not for thee approach, and makes absolutely no sense. But it is Kerry's take. If he wins, look for the Koizumi government to end up walking out on North Korea talks (if they're even invited to them in the first place) in frustration. Not long thereafter, Japan's troops will leave Iraq and, more importantly, Japan will temper its drive to generate international financial aid for the reconstruction of Iraq. Up to now, Japan has taken the lead on that and has been moderatly successful.

One country this blog does not get at all is the Philippines. In 2001 and 2002 US advisors helped the Philippine government drive terrorist forces to the point of total defeat. The Philippine govt repaid us by sending a token force to Iraq. That government was voted out, and replaced by the Arroyo regime. Mrs. Arroyo has proven to be a disaster both in the war generally and in the US-Philippine alliance. She paid ransom for a Philippine hostage, and has allowed terrorists to regain most of the territory they lost to the government earlier in the war, and pulled Philippine troops out of Iraq entirely. The Philippines are rapidly becoming a replacement to the Taliban's Afghanistan, giving safe harbor to terrorists. When the Australian government recently cited its right to pre-emptively strike terrorist bases in the Asia-Pacific region that threaten Aussie soil, the first government to protest was--you guessed it--the Philippines. Guilty dogs bark first, as they say.

The US perspective on the Philippines has understandably changed. Reader and blogger John Marzan, who lives in the Philippines, sends along a couple of articles that taken together show us where things stand between the US and the Arroyo government.

First, the Bush administration is distancing itself from Arroyo's administration:

WASHINGTON - US President George W. Bush has stopped taking calls from President Arroyo and will most likely avoid any bilateral meeting with her during the APEC summit in Chile in November,

"Her (Arroyo's) calls to the White House are no longer returned, and she would like to meet with President Bush in Santiago Chile. But I'm not going to bet my mortgage on that taking place," an official said.

Another official said the US government was clearly disappointed over the May election which was described as worse than that in Indonesia and seen as not having advanced the cause of democracy in the country.

Several officials and groups from the Philippines arrived here last week to lobby for US support for their causes.

Among them were Trade Secretary Cesar Purisima, Finance Secretary Juanita Amatong and Banglo Sentral Gov. Rafael Buenaventura, for a World Bank-IMF meeting; a Mindanao group led by former Rep. Mike Mastura; the opposition group Christian Nationalist Union led by former budget secretary Salvador Enriquez and former Sen. Francisco S. Tatad, and Sen. Edgardo Angara and some congressmen.

The Mastura group made presentations on the peace process in Mindanao. The CNU group met with key political leaders and State Department officials.

Highly-placed US officials were reported to have assured these groups that the US government would continue the maintain close and friendly ties with the Philippines but would have increasingly have little to do with to do with the Arroyo administration.

The official who told about Arroyo's unanswered calls said the US would make a clear distinction between the Filipinos and Mrs. Arroyo.

He said US assistance and grants would no longer be channeled through the government, but through non-government organizations. "This is the only way to avoid corruption," the official said.

The official agreed with the CNU group that a total meltdown could occur in the Philippines, unless drastic measures were undertaken to reverse the trend.

"The economy is a alarming, the balance of payments does not look good at all," one official said.

The official expressed concern about the Arroyo government's apparent decision to increase tariffs while trying to attract more trade with external partners, and its inability to collect taxes.

Tax collection efficiency is still the lowest in Southeast Asia.

US-based Filipinos and Filipino Americans have tended to share the dim outlook on the Philippines.

At an awards dinner for Filipinos and Filipino-Americans at the National Press Club, which honored three awardees last week, the Pulitzer-winning Filipino-American photojournalist Sheryl Diaz Meyers said she noticed a serious crisis of confidence and lack of direction in the Philippines the last time she visited there.

Filipino-Americans based here expressed concern over the frosty relations between the Arroyo and the Bush administrations. Washington's reported cold-shoulder treatment on the Arroyo administration is one of the major concerns of gatherings of Filipino-American business and civic leaders here.

A California-based Filipino businessman said: "It appears that Mrs. Arroyo has become the country's real problem and any solution to the crisis must begin with her."

I obviously have no argument with that--Arroyo is the problem.

But the Bush administration's stance isn't vindictive, it's practical. We won't deal with Arroyo unless we have to, but we will continue to deal with the Philippine people themselves, since they need our help and we can provide it:

MALUSO, Basilan - US officials led by Ambassador Francis Ricciardone on Wednesday inspected infrastructure and livelihood projects funded by Washington in this remote coastal town.

Ricciardone and Andrew Natsios, administrator of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), came by military speedboats from Zamboanga City where they inspected work on the reconstruction of a seaport.

Presidential Assistant for Mindanao Jesus Dureza and ARMM Gov. Parouk Hussin accompanied Ricciardone's group that included John Tsagronis, senior policy advisor of USAID in Washington, and Eugene Martin, executive director of the United States Institute of Peace.

Security was tight at the port area where Natsios briefly spoke about US support for efforts to uplift the poor provinces in the strife-ridden southern region.

"I have a message of peace from President George Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell and we want to tell the Filipinos that the United States will continue to help the Philippines in terms of development projects. We are happy to help the Filipinos and through these development projects we will achieve peace," Natsios said.

Students, carrying small American flags, lined up a dirt road where the US officials passed. They chanted the name of Ricciardone and some were shouting "Long live America!"

"We are here to see the projects and we hope to provide more assistance to the Filipino people. We are friends," Ricciardone said.

Basilan Gov. Wahab Akbar, a rebel leader-turned-politician, said the island's 350,000 people would be better off under US rule.

"If I have my way, I want Basilan to be part of the United States and we will call this great land the State of Basilan. Then we can have better lives," he said.

Basilan is one of the country's 20 most poorest provinces, but Akbar boasted that the island, once the stronghold of the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group, is moving up.

"We are a little better now. We are slowly and steadily picking up, thanks to the United States for its continued support to Basilan. I, and my people are thankful," Akbar said.

Ricciardone's group handed over five computer sets to the Basilan National High School in Isabela City under the USAID-Growth with Equity in Mindanao program.

I don't think there is going to be a state called Basilan any time soon, but you can't blame the guy for trying.

The US will continue to help the Philippine people, contrary to what Patty Murray says about the US not helping anyone as much as Osama bin Laden does, both because we can and because it helps us in the long run. Or at least that's the theory--a theory the French continually disprove. The Arroyo government will pass into history at some point. Perhaps its replacement will see things more along American lines. If not, the Aussies may have a word or two with them long before we feel the need to.

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Watch what kind of music your kids are listening to.

And pay attention to librarians. They're becoming one more arm of the moonbat brigades:

hot-button film believed by some to be anti-Bush is getting multiple viewings at a local polling place the week before the election, NewsChannel5 reported.

Some say the West River branch library should not be playing politics.

Library user Jim Pengov is seeing red.

"Initially, I was floored," said Pengov, an Elyria resident.

The library is a polling place on Nov. 2 and the controversial movie critical of President George W. Bush (news - web sites) is set to air three times the weekend before the election.

"They just got a one-mill levy passed. Taxpayers, like it or not, are paying for Michael Moore to spread his rhetoric at an official polling site two days before an election -- in a key state," Pengov said.

Librarian Debby Kressa said she is surprised by the complaints.

Kressa said the move came in and she just wanted to accommodate all the people on a waiting list to sign the movie out, so she thought it would be a good idea to show the film in the library's movie room.

The library posted an announcement that "Farenhype 9/11" will be aired as well. Officials are hoping that this will provide political balance for airing "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Pengov said because the library is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization he will go to court next week to try to stop the library from showing the movie at a polling site.

Yeah, I'm sure that librarian was surprised by the complaints. Living in her cloistered little ivory tower world, she was probably surprised to learn that millions of people who read books don't think highly of her hero Michael Moore.

(thanks to Chris)

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October 14, 2004


If you believe any of the following mindless, baseless, loony-tune ideas, you are a kook. If you have liberal kook friends who do not know they are kooks, use this to quiz them. You have my permission to print out ten copies. This page is watermarked. If you exceed ten copies…we will know. (If you believe this, you are a kook.)

You are a kook if you “feel” that…

George Bush is about to institute The Draft

The government is monitoring what you read in the public library

Karl Rove planted forged documents so Dan rather would broadcast them on “60 Minutes II.”

Osama bin Laden has been captured, and is being held in a secret location until close to the November elections.

George Bush has a secret deal with the Saudis to manipulate oil prices near the election.

The Patriot Act was created to oppress American dissidents and suppress free speech.

American cities are closing firehouses because the money is being spent opening firehouses in Iraq.

The recent hurricanes were a result of global warming, which is caused by America’s automobile usage, especially SUVs.

All we need to guarantee our national security is a global Marshall Plan to eliminate world hunger, poverty, and inadequate health care.

Terrorists can be transformed into peace-loving citizens by engaging them in meaningful dialogue at the U.N.

The world was more “stable” when Saddam Hussein was in power.

The only reason American troops were sent to Afghanistan so a pipeline could be built, enriching multinational oil conglomerates.

More terrorists were “created” when the United States “invaded” Iraq.

Diplomacy is the answer to all Middle East conflict. Terrorists will return to their peaceful, productive lives once we leave the region.

Bush knew in advance 9-11 was going to happen and did nothing to stop it.

Al Qaeda are really “freedom fighters.”

The looting in Iraq was caused by American troops not being “pro-active.”

There are two Americas by design: “rich America” purposefully keeps “poor America” down.

The rich get richer on “the backs” of the poor.

One million African-Americans, who vote in Democrat wards and precincts, under Democrat cities, had their votes disenfranchised by Republicans operating from Texas.

Al Gore won Florida.

John Kerry was really on a secret mission to Cambodia on Christmas Eve, 1968.

Richard Clarke was telling the truth.

Dan Rather didn’t realize the documents were fake.

Kitty Kelley is a reliable, world-class biographer with “unimpeachable” sources.

The New York Times is “the paper of record”-and covers all the news that is fit to print.

Ted Kennedy is a wise and honorable elder statesman, whose only interest is public service.

Robert Byrd is a wise and honorable elder statesman, the “Conscience of the Senate.” Those who harp on his KKK past are just mean-spirited.

Jimmy Carter is a world statesman.

Dennis Kucinich may never be President, but he really had something with his proposal to eliminate the Defense Department and replace it with a Peace Department.

The Carlyle Group, Halliburton, and Bechtel represent a greater threat to the world than Saddam did.

Campaign finance reform will keep the rich from exerting undue influence on the political process.

Republicans are in bed with polluters, drug companies, Big Business, and-of course-Big Oil.

The Religious Right are the true terrorists.

This is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover.

We have no allies in Iraq and acted unilaterally.

The French will send troops to Iraq if John Kerry is elected.

Teresa Heinz Kerry was on target when, after Hurricane Ivan hit, she said people in the Caribbean should “go naked.”

Forged documents can lead to a “larger truth.”

Terrorism is caused by the West imposing its materialist, imperialist, corporate selfishness on the rest of the world.

Human society would be at one if the United States would only learn an ethos of generosity, tolerance, and caring for the environment.

Kerry knows why he’s running for President.

Overweight America can be fired by lawsuits.

Poverty and homelessness in America are caused by Republicans.

SUVs are evil.

The $60 million spent on political ads by pro-Kerry groups is healthy expression of free speech, but the $3 million spent by the Swift Vets is an illegal Bush Administration conspiracy to undermine campaign finance reform laws.

The war in Iraq was caused by the Neocons.

It’s Bush’s fault.

(reprinted without permission from here, and thanks to Chris for the heads-up)

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The left will pull out no stops to destroy our Constitutional system and internationalize our Presidential election. I'm including both the left in this country, which invited UN lackeys to "monitor" the Nov 2 contest while planning to disrupt or overturn the results by any means necessary, and the left in Europe.

Case in point: The UK Guardian is running a campaign to try and influence the vote in Clark County, OH, a swing county in a swing state.

By the way, Clark County is home to Springfield, OH. No more quintiscentially American town will you find. And the UK Guardian is pretty much trying to commandeer its vote for John Kerry. This action amounts to a kind of invasion, albeit one instigated by private as opposed to national forces.

They're doing this by giving out the names and addresses of actual American voters residing in that country to anyone with an email address, with the idea that the recipients will write the addressee a letter in support of John Kerry. The Guardian makes no effort at all to verify anything about those seeking the addresses, thus opening up the very real possibility of serious and harmful mischief. We have already seen a string of attacks against Bush/Cheney campaign headquarters around the country this year. What would those same hoodlums do with the names and addresses of voters they could influence in a more personal and direct way? What could terrorists or identity thieves do with that information? The Guardian's actions here are both irresponsible and unconscionable.

I have verified that their system works, and have acquired three names of real Clark County voters in Ohio. I am not going to contact any of them--I just didn't want their names to fall into the wrong hands. I also didn't want them to get mail from some euroweenie begging them to vote for Kerry and whining about what a meanie George Bush is. I'm toying with the idea of setting up a whole bunch of Yahoo and Hotmail addresses just to get even more names. I figure the more names I acquire, the fewer names the eurotrash and possible bad actors can get. Just doing my civic duty.

If you're so inclined, the Guardian's campaign site is here.

I hate to say this, but given all the plots already swirling around this election, which is still more than two weeks away, I fear that we're slipping toward inevitable and possibly catastrophic damage to our system. The Democrats are already plotting to overthrow the results if things don't go their way next month. They are threatening to muzzle Sinclair Broadcasting and by extension everyone else who disagrees with them should they win. In so doing, they are pushing our electoral system to the brink of chaos and lighting a match under the First Amendment at the same time. Only a Bush landslide, which now seems impossible, could guaranteed that this election isn't our last one that's both free and fair. Hugh Hewitt was right--if it's not close, they can't cheat. And now that it seems close, it's obvious that the Democrats and their international partners plan to cheat, or at least so poison this election that we face yet another four years of war with a hobbled leader and an opposition seething with years of unmitigated and unjustified rage. That is extremely toxic to our body politic.

There are no words to express my disgust for them. I fear they are leading us down a path toward extremely serious and possibly irreversible consequences. And all in the midst of a war.

MORE: By the way, a commentor at Captain's Quarters notes that the email address [anything]@mailinator.com will work, so you don't need to set up bogus Yahoos and Hotmails. Just keep changing that [anything] and submit, and you can lock up scores of names or at least get them sent into the great unknown.

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Not in regard to the war, though. Just to set off a Constitutional crisis after the election.

The Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee are advising election operatives to declare voter intimidation -- even if none exists, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

A 66-page mobilization plan to be issued by the Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee states: "If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a 'pre-emptive strike.'"

The provocative Dem battle plan is to be distributed in dozens of states, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

One top DNC official confirmed the manual's authenticity, but claimed the notion of crying wolf on any voter intimidation is "absurd."

"We all know the Republicans are going to try to steal the election by scaring people and confusing people," the top DNC source explained.

This is obviously a very, very serious issue and goes to the very heart of our system. If the Democrats do as they appear to be gearing up, with their army of lawyers with their plans to legally contest the election in at least five states, their call on the UN (!) to monitor our elections, their invasion of Bush campaign offices, their mouthpieces such as Jimmah Carter warning in advance and without evidence that we're headed for a fraudulent election and probably half a dozen more schemes I haven't heard of, it's the end of democracy, folks.

To that end, read this piece, then this piece, then go here. That last link is a running tally of all of the stories of voter fraud taking place this year. If you have anything to add, send it in to Bill. Otherwise, just take in the breadth of fraud going on right now, and which direction the vast majority of it is coming from.

The Democrats this year are displaying a nearly unprecedented contempt for our democratics processes, and by extension, those of us who participate in them according to the law. Give them power, and they will take your voice away.

Ask Sinclair Broadcasting if you don't believe me.

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A new day, a new low blow. We really should start a pool to see if anyone can guess the next major Democrat to spew manure. I'm pretty sure someone could have hit a good long shot if they'd guessed today's low would be Elizabeth Edwards going gay nuclear and trying to interfere in the Cheney family's relationships.

Your suggestions on future pool guesses and possibilities are welcome. But this is only for fun, so please, no wagering.

(thanks to Chris)

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According to the "final" WMD report, Saddam Hussein was developing UAVs (link requires subscription) that he intended to hand off to terrorists:

Saddam Hussein's government discussed supplying unmanned aerial vehicles to terrorists, according to a CIA report made public last week.

The Iraqi Survey Group report stated that the development of the Al
Quds remotely piloted aircraft included links between the program
director and terrorists. Al Quds program director Imad Abd-al-Latif Al
Rida reported that four Al Quds drones were to be used as "flying
bombs" in an attempt to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon, according to a source who worked on the Al Quds program.

"According to the source, four UAVs were to be given to a former Hamas
member named Abu Radin who was a friend of Saddam Hussein," the report
stated. "Abu Radin, who was no longer loyal to Hamas, would take the
UAVs to Jordan, install 5 kg of C4 explosive and use them to attack
Sharon at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem."

Another Iraqi drone, called as the Al Musayara-20, was also to be used
as a flying bomb, the report stated.

Imagine that. Saddam was working with terrorists after all.

Oh, and by the way, he may have sent his WMDs to Syria, too (link requires subscription).

At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Oct. 6, Charles Duelfer, an adviser to the CIA, did not rule out Saddam's transfer of Iraqi missiles and weapons of mass destruction to Syria.

Charles Duelfer, head of the Iraq Survey Group, pauses during an
Senate Armed Services committee on Oct. 6, in Washington.
Duelfer agreed that a large amount of material had been transferred by
Iraq to Syria before the March 2003 war.

"A lot of materials left Iraq and went to Syria," Duelfer said. "There
was certainly a lot of traffic across the border points. We've got a
lot of data to support that, including people discussing it. But
whether in fact in any of these trucks there was WMD-related
materials, I cannot say."

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Lynn Cheney assesses John Kerry after the Democrats invade the Cheney family's privacy for the second debate in a row.

John Edwards' wife, Liz, responded this morning with, "I think that [Mrs. Cheney's complaint] indicates a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter's sexual preferences."

Well, we definitely know the Democrats have no shame. After that escalation of the personal attacks, you could also say Liz Edwards is not a good woman.

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Iran's mullahs crack down on our fellow bloggers inside the Islamic veil.

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October 13, 2004


I've seen enough. John Kerry is a crashing bore. My goodness he's a condescending jacka**. Bush is on fire, beating Kerry about the head and shoulders like a dusty rug.

I'm not going to live blog the rest of this thing, but it's a colossal smear for Kerry to insinuate that Bush is bad on race because he hasn't met with the NAACP. It's the NAACP that's bad on race! Don't the words Condi and Colin mean anything to Kerry? Guess not.

Anyway, Bush by a lot. Like the Titans vs Packers at Lambeau the other night, that much.

I'm feeling much better about this election now.

MORE: Oh, and I reiterate what I said about the last debate: John Kerry has titanium stones the size of Jupiter to keep referring to Reagan. Kerry hated Ronald Reagan down to the Gipper's marrow and tried every conceivable trick in the book to thwart the strategies that eventually won the Cold War. Kerry voted against nearly everything Reagan stood for and even ran his own foreign policy from the Senate (along with the more conservative Senator from Massachussetts). He's a total slimeball to keep invoking Reagan without explaining his own long series of votes and actions during Ronaldus Magnus' 8 years in office.

And Bob Schieffer was surprisingly bad as moderator. He asked several irrelevant questions and asked several others that were clearly set-ups for Kerry to spike on Bush's head. Bush batted them all off pretty well, though.

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One day they're promising to heal the sick and raise the dead. The next, they're insulting the mentally/physically handicapped and the half of the country that doesn't support Longface and Pretty Boy. This is really just a poster version of John Edwards' official position.

Should we start a pool to wager what the next new low will be?

MORE: The ad linked above was run by the Tennessee Democrats, who have a history of hostility to the disabled.

(thanks to Chris)

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In Fahrenheit 9-11, Michael Moore portrays Iraq as an idyllic land where kids flew kites.

If he's right, Moore worshippers, where did all the dead babies come from? And how did they end up in mass graves?

A mass grave being excavated in a north Iraqi village has yielded evidence that Iraqi forces executed women and children under Saddam Hussein.

US-led investigators have located nine trenches in Hatra containing hundreds of bodies believed to be Kurds killed during the repression of the 1980s.

The skeletons of unborn babies and toddlers clutching toys are being unearthed, the investigators said.


The victims are believed to be Kurds killed in 1987-88, their bodies bulldozed into the graves after being summarily shot dead.

One trench contains only women and children while another contains only men.

The body of one woman was found still clutching a baby. The infant had been shot in the back of the head and the woman in the face.

"The youngest foetus we have was 18 to 20 foetal weeks," said US investigating anthropologist P Willey.

"Tiny bones, femurs - thighbones the size of a matchstick."

Mr Kehoe investigated mass graves in the Balkans for five years but those burials mainly involved men of fighting age and the Iraqi finds were quite different, he said.

"I've been doing grave sites for a long time, but I've never seen anything like this, women and children executed for no apparent reason," he said.


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Susanna Cornett explains.

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Union thugs storm a Bush/Cheney office in St. Paul, MN.

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The NY Sun's Thomas Lipscomb has dug up intriguiging circumstantial evidence that John Kerry was discharged from the military in 1972 under other than honorable conditions. That could mean anything from a general discharge to a bad conduct discharge to a full dishonorable discharge. That last would at least suggest that the military took Kerry's 1971 treasonous testimony before the Senate very seriously, and punished him for it.

I use the word "treasonous" to describe Kerry's testimony because it was in fact treasonous. He took the position of the enemy during that testimony. He used their talking points, and put the entire blame for the war on the United States. He suggested the US was intentionally murdering hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese, and that our armed forces was a collection of war criminals. That is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and therefore meets the definition of treason. In a time of war, treason can be a capital offense.

You should read the whole article on Kerry's records, records which he has yet to release in full, to appreciate the evidence that he was discharged under other than honorable conditions. But from my reading it appears that two things happened to lead us to where we are today. First, some time in 1972 Kerry received his discharge from the Navy Reserves, and that discharge was most likely based both on Kerry's 1971 testimony and President Nixon's animosity toward Kerry. That discharge was not an honorable discharge, which is the standard under which the vast majority of military members separate from the service. A less than honorable discharge is a major black mark on one's record, and can result in loss of benefits and even the stripping of one's decorations. Second, in 1978 Kerry's record was reviewed by order of President Carter, who also granted amnesty to draft dodgers. It is unusual for a President to order a former military member's records reviewed, and usually indicates that those records need improvement. So in February 1978 a board of officers was convened on Carter's orders to review Kerry's records. The only reason to review them was to improve their status, i.e. to boost him from an other than honorable to an honorable. Therefore it appears that Carter whitewashed Kerry's military record. Curiously and probably related, Kerry's medals were re-issued to him on June 4, 1985, five months after he joined the Senate. Why would they need to be re-issued? Probably because he had been stripped of them in 1972 and they had not been re-issued in the 1978 improvement of his discharge status. Or because he had thrown them over a fence protesting the Vietnam war, but now as a Senator he wanted to hang them on his wall. If he had been dishonorably discharged in 1972, even had Kerry not tossed them over a fence in 1971 the medals would have become worthless. In fact that act alone could have earned the then Navy officer his other than honorable discharge.

It's an intriguiging story, one that could be cleared up if Kerry would simply sign his form 180 and release his entire military record. That he will not do that says that under all this smoke, there is indeed a fire.

(via InstaPundit)

MORE: The Freepers may have the answer:

Just spoke with reporter friend in DC. She is talking with former USN ONI types who worked on DOD/USN investigation that resulted in total loss of Kerry’s Navy security clearance.

Kerry had been granted a Top Secret by the Navy on October 11, 1967 based on a routine background investigation by Office of Naval Intelligence. A top secret clearance was required for his work at that time.

Obtaining and holding a security clearance of any level, especially TS or above, requires certain terms, obligations, commitments and conditions from the holder. One of the most important is the holder of the clearance must promptly and fully any contacts with any foreign officials, agents, etc.

Lieutenant Kerry left active duty with the Navy on January 3, 1970, but he still carried those obligations as a commissioned officer of the Naval Reserve. Without telling anyone and without receiving permission from superiors,FBI or counter-intelligence officers, he traveled to Paris in the summer of 1970. He claimed the purpose of his trip was a honeymoon with his first wife, Julia Thorne, but there was another hidden purpose.

Numerous North Vietnamese and Viet Cong intelligence agents and officials were in Paris, having arrived a year earlier for the “Peace Talks.” While in Paris, Kerry met with agents on a number of occasions and had extensive discussions with them about U.S. plans, procedures and how to get the U.S. to essentially surrender in Vietnam.

These clandestine meetings were never reported to the Navy.

Almost a year later, in April 1091, speaking as the leader of the Vietnam Veterans Against The War, Lieutenant Kerry told a Senate hearing about his meetings with enemy agents. Senior DOD officials wanted to prosecute him as a Naval Reserve officer for violating a number of laws and regulations, but this was vetoed by the Nixon White House. They didn’t want to give the anti-war crowd any additional PR ammunition.

However, the Navy immediately pulled Kerry’s security clearance. He became a Naval Reserve officer who was known not to be trusted. He kept his commission, but lost all access to any classified information. In the words of one of the now-retired agents, “Lieutenant Kerry wasn’t cleared to know what time it was!”

I don't know if this is true, but it makes one heck of a lot of sense. Meeting with enemy officials is a sure way to lose one's security clearance.

(thanks to Chris)

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October 12, 2004


I recently interviewed Alan Peterson, director of the film FahrenHYPE 9-11. The following is an exerpt from that interview.

JYB: Where were you and what were you doing on September 11, 2001? What were your thoughts and impressions that day?

AP: I returned from a shoot in the Yukon the evening of the 10th of September, 2001, having no idea what a delay of one day might have meant. The next morning, I remember getting up and walking downstairs to see the television on and my wife in front of it. I remember thinking, “weird hour for a war movie to be on.” My wife told me what was going on about the same time I was piecing together what the news anchor was saying. Just then, the second plane hit the towers. I sank down on the stairs and couldn’t speak. Prior to that moment, I had considered myself an intellectual liberal. One of those people who think that they are superior because they believe they are privy to some hidden knowledge that the rest of the world doesn’t understand; a knowledge that let’s you belittle our government and nation because, of course, you know more than they do. In that single, horrific moment, I realized how stupid I was. I will never forget the image of the fire engines pointed towards the towers, crushed and covered with dust; some with red lights still flashing, realizing that the men who had left them to rush into the chaos would never return. I will also never forget New Yorkers—the people the media love to typify as cold, isolated, and harsh—New Yorkers embodying and manifesting everything that is good about this country. They became what the rest of us hope we can become when called upon by the harshest extremes. For the next several weeks, I wrote down as much of my thoughts as I could. I saved newspapers, recorded news programs, etc. I wanted to hold on to the impact because I knew the world would never be the same. My son had his first birthday on Sept. 12, 2001. I wanted him to know what had happened that day to form the world he would be living in.

JYB: The day four American civilian contractors were killed by terrorists in Fallujah, Iraq, Michael Moore wrote that the killers weren’t terrorists, but rather they were “the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen…and they will win.” What is your reaction to a statement like that?

AP: I often wonder if Michael Moore ever thinks about what he is saying. He is either profoundly ignorant, or a genius at “militant marketing”. He knows exactly what to say and do to make people crazy. I don’t know how you compare foreign mercenaries who terrorize the Iraqi citizens with the Minutemen of the American Revolution. The radicals who want to build an anti-democratic, anti-individual rights, anti-women’s rights jihadist regime who are killing our soldiers, don’t need Americans giving them verbal refuge. They aren’t the revolution. The only reason they have lasted this long is because of the restraint demonstrated by the US Military. Ask the terrorists in Samarra. Ask al-Sadar why the sudden interest in politics. They won’t win.

FahrenHYPE 9-11 is available from Overstock.com, which owns the film and has generously donated 5,000 copies to Truth For Troops.

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See the video.

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The Democrat Revolutionaries are promising to deliver you a whole new Messiah--miraculous healings and all--come election day.

"When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again." --Sen. John Edwards

I can't wait for Allah to Photoshop this one.

By the way, along with the healings and, one naturally assumes, the walking on water, the Kedwards syndicate plans to take away your freedom of speech. Hey, everything's got a price.

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If liberals were honest and actually cared about women's rights, here would be yet another reason for them to support the war in Iraq:

A "brides for jihad" campaign has been launched by Islamic militants in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, intimidating local families into offering their daughters to foreign fighters waging war on America and its allies.

A fundamentalist group, the Islamic Council of Mosul, has written letters to residents in western parts of the city, which is near the Syrian border, demanding that the name of every girl is put on a list. The register is held at the Al-Mahmood mosque whose imam, Zinad al-Jaburi, boasts that he has married off three of his daughters to Syrian terrorists.


According to local residents, Mr al-Jaburi has threatened his followers with death if they do not respond to the letters distributed at his mosque, which place a religious obligation on recipients. "Join your daughters to our Syrian brothers who have come to help Iraq," they read. "Allah says you must marry your daughters to good men."

These "Syrian brothers" don't get to enjoy the pleasures of marriage for long.

The first Syrian man to be married at the mosque was killed soon after during an ambush on American troops.

Shihab Rifaie, who was purportedly in Mosul dealing in imported second hand cars, married an 18-year-old called Sara whose father had put her name on the mosque list.

Her family refused to talk about their late son-in-law but a neighbour, Yunis Lilou, said: "I am too astonished for words that these people would make their daughters marry a suicide terrorist. We must control the situation and destroy this movement."


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Here's more on those 42 pages of Iraqi intel documents that definitively link Saddam Hussein with al Qaeda.

The papers, obtained by Cybercast News Service (CNS) and released Oct. 4, "establish irreversible evidence that there were strategic relations between the Baathist regime and Islamist groups that became al-Qaeda," Mr. Phares said after reviewing them at WORLD's request on Oct. 6. In addition, the documents link al-Zarqawi-associated groups throughout the Middle East, including al-Qaeda, on Saddam's payroll and acting under his direct authority.


They include an 11-page memo, dated Jan. 25, 1993, listing "parties related to our system . . . expert in executing the required missions." The memo cites Palestinian, Sudanese, and Asian terror groups, and shows a developing relationship with groups affiliated with al-Qaeda, including Mr. al-Zarqawi, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar—figures who are now on the U.S. most-wanted list for ongoing assaults in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Jan. 25, 1993, memo also describes an intelligence service meeting with a splinter group led by Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman. Mr. Abdel-Rahman is a son of the blind Egyptian, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, accused of inspiring the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and arrested in 1994 for targeting New York landmarks. Pakistani officials caught the younger Abdel-Rahman last year, and say he helped lead authorities to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, one of the 9/11 attack planners.

A separate memo, dated March 18, 1993, asks intelligence officers to provide "details of Arab martyrs who got trained" in conjunction with post–Gulf War "committees of martyrs act." In reply another office supplied 92 names with nationalities, all "trained inside the ‘martyr act camp' that belonged to our directorate." In all, 40 are linked to Palestinian groups, 21 are Sudanese, and others range from Eritrea, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Egypt. Most of the trainees completed a government-sponsored course on Nov. 24, 1990, and were sent on missions throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

Accompanying the memos are separate notations signed by Saddam Hussein's secretary, suggesting the president himself had reviewed and endorsed each action.


Mr. al-Zarqawi is often portrayed as a lone ranger, a cult figure running a nascent uprising in response to so-called U.S. imperialism. Yet these latest documents, along with other emerging reports, reveal Mr. al-Zarqawi's "authority stemmed from specific instructions and guidance" received from Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaeda leaders. According to terror expert Yossef Bodansky in his new book, The Secret History of the Iraq War, intelligence data shows Mr. al-Zarqawi entered northern Iraq from Iran shortly before the war to oversee a sophisticated guerrilla-war plan crafted in conjunction with Iraqi intelligence agents and Saddam himself.

In addition to the terror-group connections, several pages of the leaked documents also demonstrate that Saddam possessed mustard gas and anthrax, both considered weapons of mass destruction. They describe Iraq's purchase of five kilograms of mustard gas in August 2000 and three vials of malignant pustule, a term for anthrax, the following month—all at a time when Saddam prohibited UN weapons inspectors from working in Iraq. The purchase orders include gas masks, filters, sterilization, and decontamination equipment.

President Bush must refer to these documents during the next and final debate. He must draw the nation's attention to them and force John Kerry to answer questions about them.

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I saw FahrenHYPE 9-11 for the first time last night. It's a remarkable film, and unlike anything Michael Moore has ever made, is a true documentary. I'm writing up a review of it, but let me give you the summary here and how: America needs this film. After all the damaging lies of Moore and his pet political party over the past year, America needs FahrenHYPE 9-11 to set the record straight and lay out the truth about the terrorist threat (which Moore doesn't even believe exists) and our mandate to fight it. FahrenHYPE refutes Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11 point by point, untangling all of the deceptions and falsehoods in a straightforward way.

Truth for Troops, a grassroots effort to get DVDs of this movie into the hands our troops on the front lines, started up a little over two weeks ago right here on this blog. We have made incredible progress, and I'll let Paratrooper Frank fill you in on the details. Short version: 5,000 DVDs are on their way to Iraq. But we need to get more bought and sent over, and that's where you come in.

We're still working out the last kink in the donation process, but if you want to jump ahead and get a DVD of this film into the hands of a troop overseas there's a way you can do that without us. Overstock.com owns the film and has set up a way to mail it to troops overseas. If you know a soldier's address over there, you can just buy the film and have it shipped direct to them. If you do that, please drop us a line at truthfortroops-at-gmail-dot-com, just so we can keep a rough count of how many DVDs are going to the troops.

For those of you who want to donate to the cause, your donations will purchase DVDs and pay for shipping them to the front. Keep coming back to this site, Moorelies.com, MooreWatch.com and Truth for Troops for updates. Hopefully we'll have the donation link squared away before you know it. The donation capacity is being made possible by the generosity of Keystone Soldiers. While you're donating to our cause, donating to theirs isn't a bad idea too. They're a great pro-soldier group, and have been caring for our troops since before the first American boots hit the ground in Iraq.

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John Kerry likens our Coalition allies to a collection of the bribed and coerced. He's half right--there is a coalition of the bribed. Its memberssat on the UN Security Council as Saddam's paid defense attorneys.

UN delenda est.

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October 11, 2004


The apparently coordinated campaign of crimes directed at Republican offices around the nation continues. A reader sent me this story (free registration required) about the burglary of Bush campaign offices in Spokane, WA Sunday night:

Offices that house President Bush's re-election campaign in Spokane were broken into and vandalized Sunday night, the latest in a string of crimes at Republican offices across the country.

Workers arriving this morning found a hole smashed through the wall from an adjacent, vacant office. Bush campaign officials say a small amount of petty cash is missing and a computer and television had been moved and left near the hole.

"They must have gotten spooked because they ultimately left the computer and TV," said Bill Hyslop, the campaign's chairman for the Fifth Congressional District.

The computer and the TV had recently arrived in Spokane and the computer was loaded with information from the Republican get-out-the vote program.

If anyone thinks that last isn't relevant, I've got beachfront property going cheap in Arizona. This might have been a third-rate burglary, but it wasn't isolated. It's just the latest crime Democrat operatives have committed against the Bush campaign this year, and it probably won't be the last:

In Bellevue last week , computers that stored the Republican get-out-the-vote database were stolen in a burglary at the Republican headquarters there . Bush campaign officials believe the break - ins are part of a broader attack on the president's re-election offices around the country, including a burglary in Canton, Ohio, last night, gun shots fired in West Virginia, Florida and Tennessee and union protestors storming offices in three Florida cities and Minneapolis.

There are no suspects in the burglaries or shootings and no injuries were reported.

Democrats, what do you have to say for your party? Is this acceptable behavior? The party of Thomas Jefferson has become a gang of forgers and burglars--what next, actual murder?

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Before beheading British hostage Kennety Bigley, his captors demanded the release of all females currently being held in Iraq by the Coalition. Ordinarily al Qaeda terrorists wouldn't give you two spits for any woman, since they consider all women to be inferior to and subject to the rigid authority of men. So that demand was a bit puzzling. Why would terrorist be interested in getting Iraqi women released from Coalition jails?

There are only two females currently held by the Coalition in Iraq, and they are two scientists who worked on Saddam Hussein's chemical and biological weapons programs. That's highly relevant: Apparently the terrorists in Iraq are attempting to develop their own WMDs to use against our troops.

Insurgent networks in Iraq are trying to acquire and use toxic nerve gases, blister agents and germ weapons against US and coalition forces.

A CIA report said one group recruited scientists and sought to prepare poisons for seven months before it was dismantled in June.

US officials are especially concerned because leaders of the previously unknown group, dubbed the Al Abud network, were based in Falluja, near insurgents aligned with the fugitive militant Abu Musab Zarqawi.

Zarqawi, who is blamed for numerous attacks on US forces and beheadings of hostages, has long sought to use chemical and biological weapons against targets in Europe as well as Iraq, the CIA says.

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Over at InstaPundit, several Kerry defenders are trying to spin his "nuisance" quote around to make it seem as though Kerry was the first to recognize the threat posed by terrorism. The problem with that argument is that the facts don't support it. Far from recognizing the terror threat long before President Bush and the rest of us, Kerry was slow to get the picture when confronted directly with it. From the JYB archives, here's a story about Kerry's chance to prevent 9-11 itself--a chance he never took:

SEN. John Kerry boasts how he "sounded the alarm on terrorism years before 9/ 11," referring to his 1997 book "The New War." Too bad he didn't blast it when it really counted - four months before the hijackings, when he was hand-delivered evidence of serious security breaches at Logan International Airport, with specific warnings that terrorists could exploit them. Former FAA security officials say the Massachusetts senator had the power to prevent at least the Boston hijackings and save the World Trade Center and thousands of lives, yet he failed to take effective action after they gave him a prophetic warning that his state's main airport was vulnerable to multiple hijackings.

"He just did the Pontius Pilate thing and passed the buck" on back through the federal bureaucracy, said Brian Sullivan, a retired FAA special agent from the Boston area who in May 2001 personally warned Kerry that Logan was ripe for a "jihad" suicide operation possibly involving "a coordinated attack."


Rewind to May 6, 2001. That night, a Boston TV station (Fox-25) aired reporter Deborah Sherman's story on an undercover investigation at Logan that Sullivan and another retired agent helped set up. In nine of 10 tries, a crew got knives and other weapons through security checkpoints - including the very ones the 9/11 hijackers would later exploit.

The next day, Sullivan fired off a two-page letter to Kerry highlighting the systemic failures.

"With the concept of jihad, do you think it would be difficult for a determined terrorist to get on a plane and destroy himself and all other passengers?" he warned. "Think what the result would be of a coordinated attack which took down several domestic flights on the same day. With our current screening, this is more than possible. It is almost likely." The toll from such an attack would be economic, as well as human, he predicted with chilling accuracy.

Sullivan followed up by having the undercover videotape hand-delivered to Kerry's office.

More than 11 weeks later, Kerry finally replied to his well-informed and anxious constituent. "I have forwarded your tape to the Department of Transportation's Office of Inspector General [DOT OIG]," he said in a brief July 24, 2001, letter, a copy of which I've obtained.

Yet Sullivan had made it clear in his letter that going to his old agency was a dead end. He and other agents had complained about security lapses for years and got nowhere. "The DOT OIG has become an ineffective overseer of the FAA," he told Kerry. Sullivan suggested he show the tape to peers on committees with FAA oversight. He even volunteered to testify before them.

But he never heard from Kerry again."

He never heard from Kerry again. John Kerry didn't act on the advice of an expert, backed up by video evidence.

I put this question to you: Does a man who gets the terrorist threat long before the rest of us let something like the security holes at Logan Airport continue?

No, he doesn't. But Kerry did. Because Logan was among the airports the terrorists used on 9-11.

Kerry could have and would have prevented at least part of 9-11, if he had understood the threat before 9-11. It's that simple.

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I didn't watch the Bush-Kerry debate on Friday, but I've heard some clips and read some quotes from it since then. Bush apparently got the job done and then some, especially on the substance of the issues. On that same substance on those same issues, Kerry was awful.

Several times he commits the logical fallacy known as the appeal to authority. It's a cheap debating tactic where if you're faced with a question you can't or won't answer, or find yourself stuck in a rhetorical quagmire, you cast a rope to some figure off stage and use their name to make the point you can't make based on reason.

Hence on stem cells, rather than focus on the ethics or morality of the issue, Kerry called upon the name of Nancy Reagan, using her support for stem cell research as his own argument--meanwhile no actual argument of Kerry's is to be found. Just a name of someone offstage and unable to interrupt and say "Hey, you're misquoting me!"

On foreign policy, Kerry invoked the names of Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower. It's not hard to see why Kerry would do this. Eisenhower's Middle East policy was non-interventionist: He stopped the British and French from toppling Nasser during the Suez Crisis. Kerry would model himself along that line, never mind the decades of change in between Ike's time and ours, and never mind the potential availability to terrorists of nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of Americans even if detonated outside the continental US, if they're used shrewdly. As for Reagan, his foreign policy has been completely vindicated over the past decade or so. To cite Reagan is to cite someone most Americans believe--rightly--to have won the Cold War.

But Kerry has titanium stones the size of Texas to cite Reagan as a model for his own foreign policy instincts. The Reagan authority to which Kerry appeals today is the very authority Kerry opposed when Reagan was actually alive and in office. One could assume that to John Kerry, the only good Republican is a dead Republican. He cites two dead Republican presidents as his models, but bitterly opposes the living one across the stage who is in many ways a direct ideological descendent of one of the dead ones.

During the Vietnam war, Ronald Reagan came to believe in the cause of the war but opposed Johnson and Nixon's handling of the war. He believed we should unleash the military to fight and win; Kerry wanted to cut and run. Reagan never once questioned either the competency or the morality of the troops on the ground; Kerry called them all war criminals. Reagan always strongly opposed the North Vietnamese Communist government and its puppets in the South; Kerry went to Paris to meet with both, then told the world he had met with "both sides" in the war. There was a third side, non-Communist, but Kerry didn't meet with them.

During the 1980s, Reagan based his foreign policy on a simple phrase: Peace through strength. He ordered an unprecedented peacetime military buildup of both our conventional and nuclear forces, the idea being such a buildup would eventually topple the USSR. He ordered the modernizing of our then outdated weapons systems, and forward deployed them to our allies overseas. Kerry opposed all of this. He voted to stop development of modern military systems, the same systems our troops use to this day. He sided with the nuclear freeze movement, which wanted to halt our own nuclear technology development even while the Soviets expanded theirs. Kerry opposed forward deploying weapons systems, because he opposed building them. He even tried to gut the nation's intelligence budget.

Appealing to Reagan's authenticated authority just exposes how awful John Kerry's instincts are. Reagan's military buildup and his willingness to use force were key to winning the Cold War. Kerry opposed it all. He likened Reagan's invasion of Grenada--then in the grip of a Cuban-backed Communist junta--to picking on hapless Third Worlders. Kerry either didn't know or didn't care that the USSR was watching and gauging America's willingness to fight against Communism in its own back yard. Kerry opposed Reagan's support for the anti-Communist Contras of Nicaragua, even addressing Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega--a Communist tool of Moscow--as "Dear Commandante." Meeting with Ortega in Managua, Kerry likened Reagan's policies in the region to a second Vietnam. There was one big difference, though, between Nicaragua and Vietnam: John Kerry failed to help us lose Nicaragua. And Ronald Reagan helped the anti-Communists win.

Ronald Reagan's entire political career amounts to a personal war against Communism. John Kerry's entire political career amounts to at best appeasing Communists, and at worst collaborating with them. Ronald Reagan and John Kerry are as different on foreign policy as night and day. There is no reconciling them, unless John Kerry has had a profound change of mind. He has given us no reason to believe he has done that.

John Kerry's appeals to the authority of Ronald Reagan are nothing more than cheap debating tricks meant to fool unsuspecting voters into thinking he is more reasonable than his record shows him to be. If Kerry really has come around to Reagan's point of view on foreign affairs, he would be supporting Reaganite George W. Bush for re-election instead of running a smear campaign against him.

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John F. Kerry longs for the days when we'll treat terrorism as just another petty crime.

His wife, Tirayza Heinz Kerry, says her husband won't deploy troops over "greed for oil."

Taken together, these two characters apparently believe our response to 9-11 has been excessive, that it has been used as a basis to lie to the American people and the world, and they don't take the terrorist threat as anything more worrisome than the VD a few guys may get from the local streetwalker.

They're wrong. We used to treat terrorism as just another crime. This is where that thinking got us.

This war isn't about oil. It's about survival.

RELATED: Chris sends in a link and points out that Kerry's position on Tora Bora is to the left of the World Socialists.

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Well, kiddies, look who's now for and against the draft. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tx) brought up HR 163--Charlie Rangel's draft bill--for a vote last week.

It was defeated 402-2. Can you say "smackdown?"

It's also a clarifying moment the Republicans should use to their advantage. The only two yeas were Democrats Pete Stark and John Murtha. Only Democrats voted for that bill. The Republicans brought it up for the express purpose of whacking it like a baby seal. Even Rangel voted against his own bill!

(via In No Particular Order)

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October 10, 2004


As the JYB predicted many months ago, Michael Moore's anti-American terrorist propaganda is now in public schools.

I'm too angry to write anything else about this. It is just beyond the pale that our schools are becoming little different than the madrassas that churn out terrorists in the Middle East. In F*** 9-11, the teaching is much the same.

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