December 01, 2001

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The Texas Longhorns have just lost the Big 12 Championship, and with it any hope of a national title. Dagnabbit!! The football gods have truly turned their backs on my native land.
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Welcome to JunkYardBlog!

This is my new blog, dedicated to, well, whatever I find interesting. Lots of blogs are about sports, or the war, or politics, or a zillion other subjects. This one will cover all that plus whatever comes up. I hope to update this site fairly frequently. That's the plan, anyway.

Today's big news is the terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Two suicide bombers and a car bomb combine to kill at least a dozen, and wound hundreds more, in a shopping mall. I guess that's Arafat's way of saying Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas. You would think that given the US' dour view of terrorism these days, Arafat would do something to rein in the terror groups that claim to act in the name of "justice" for Palestenians. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about their "cause" now. Israel isn't perfect, but the terror of Hamas, Hizbollah etc undermines whatever legitimate grievances the Palestenians might have. My own view is that the real grievance they want remedied is the very existence of Israel, hence their rejection of the Barak-era offer of statehood in exchange for ending terror and recognizing Israel. I think it's time to give Netanyahu another turn as Prime Minister. Under his tenure, Israel had a simple policy--terrorism would result in the end of Arafat's tenure, and maybe his life. Terrorism went down about 90 percent during his time as compared to his bookends, Barak and Sharon. Bring Bibi back!

The other news is more homespun--our Christmas tree is up and decorated, and it's our son's 2nd birthday. We wait until after his birthday festivities to put the tree up. That gives him a real birthday, and keeps up from having to repair any damage his friends would do during his party.
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